Never sleep with the crazy
Is what they always say
I’ve done it a couple of times in my life
And a couple of times they stayed
One was fixated on my mother
So any of her sons would do
I was the only one who took the bait
And she moved into my life too
She had a mean right hook
Which she used a couple of times
I also remember my jaw took
A hit from a purse full of dimes
We were at a Linda Griffiths show
It was Maggie and Pierre
On the way out she gave me a glancing blow
Just because I was there
She got close to my mother
Which she wanted all along
She tried to screw both my brothers
And she didn’t think that was wrong
She came to my mother’s funeral
Probably the last time I’ll see her
Her Parkinson’s by then had become general
I kissed her goodbye and drove home in tears