Drink up, drink up, drink up
Fill your cups again and again
I’ll join you when I’m dead
I ‘m not drinking until then
I filled up my dance card completely
By the time I was 45
I’d had enough fun for a lifetime
And it feels better to be alive
I quit one morning in August 
Seventeen years ago
I polished off a bottle of Petrus
Clearly the right way to go
My sister drove me to rehab
On a beautiful sunny day
All I could see were the liquor ads
That lined the biilboarded way
Rehab was fun in the end
I slept well every night 
I learned how to bowl and play volleyball
And found life without booze was alright
We all went to an AA meeting
Our first night in the joint
The guy who led it was a murderer
I guess that was the point
I went to meetings for 3 years
I did 90 in 90 at first
I gave it up after that though
By then I’d lost the thirst
I have a cellar of good Bordeaux
Aging in racks downstairs
Bought before I quit drinking, for show
Thought it’d be good for putting on airs
I’m thinking that when I’m 80
Those wines will be 40 years old
Just the right age to go on a date
With an old man, if he made so bold
So here’s to quitting drinking
At least until I’ve grown up
Then I can start all over again

Drink up, drink up, drink up