Blonde, yes, that was the easy part
Midway between small and tall
She had warm golden skin
To say she was perfect says it all
She was Danish, a language student and teacher
She lived at a school out of town
I tried all summer to reach her
She was covered in golden down
The first time I met her was at the pool
Wearing a bikini and a smile
I’ve never gazed on a girl so cool
So rounded and curved I had to breathe a while
She was so beautiful, so wonderful
So far above my game
That as hard as I tried to woo her
I can’t even remember her name
She may be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen
(Except Bodil, the warrior princess)
Bodil’s eyes were icy blue, the Danish girl’s green
They were both golden, born to success
I’m at an an age now when women ignore men
And Bodil, who I met last year at the club
Liked me, treated me well, like I was her dad
But as a lover, never, and that’s the rub
I’ve met some splendid women in my life
I’ve done my bit not to be lame
But the most splendid girl of all was Danish
And I can’t remember her name