Kat and Cyn were an inseparable pair
Joined at the hip, each protected the other
Playing wingmen at a small rural college
Making sure guys were available but no bother
Kat was ethereal, tall and fair
Cyn was darker, cracked wise all the time
Kat was the draw, Cyn the gatekeeper
She made sure we all toed the line
I was smitten with Kat, all of us were
Her dad was the coach of a pro football team
Only the quarterbacks got to date Kat
For us hippies and artists she was a dream
Years later in Toronto, I ran into Cyn 
Kat was in California, married and rich
Just as I had known she would be
But Cyn had a scratch and it needed an itch
She asked me over and I said yes
She dragged me straight from the door into bed
She said all those years ago she thought I was gay
Because I spent all my time with the lads
She said she’d wanted to screw me
All through college and after
I learned I was a girl magnet back then
Something I never knew when it mattered
I spent that summer in Cyn’s arms
We rarely got out of bed
I was making up for lost time 
Making up for the Cyn-less life I’d led
I showed up late once too often
She didn’t answer her door
She’d gotten what she wanted out of me
Wasn’t interested in more
But I’m glad I eventually split them
The pair that no one could part
Kat was my chimera, my muse
But it was Cyn who got my heart