My first car was a  ’61 Cortina
I rolled it on Duck Farm Road
Stuck my head out the vertical window 
And said “well I’ll be towed”
I’d learned to drive that summer
On a clapped out ’65 Volvo 123
It lacked a fender and a wiper
And it didn’t have a battery
I’d have to park it on hills
And bump start it down the scree
It almost killed me doing that
When it pinned my arm to a tree
I didn’t get my license for years
You didn’t really have to in Quebec
I didn’t have insurance either
I was hopeless if there was a wreck
I graduated to real cars, Ladas, two
Some of the best cars I’ve called mine
They had wipers on the headlights
And a power takeoff that could run a combine
I ended up owning Mazda 3s
I’m up to four so far, in a row
They keep getting broken
But it’s never my fault, you know
I love to drive but I’m dangerous
I take risks that most people don’t
If you ask me to drive your children
I’ll politely tell you I won’t
A lifetime of cars has left me
Wanting something quick and small
I wish they still made the old Mazda 3
It was my favourite car of all