I’ve had some redheaded lovers
And all of them were pale
Ivory skinned and freckled
And hard to keep out of jail
There was Christine, bubbly and curly
Freckled and fair as a an egg
Her drapes were a match for her carpet
A bright fiery nest in her legs
Then there was Sarah, older than me
A poet who sighed when she came
She really wanted a mother like mine
But she settled for her son all the same
Then there was Diane, an actress
Fiery and demanding as shit
She was a terror as a lover
Every orgasm ended in fits
She’d scratch your eyes out in fury
Then cry in a corner for a while
Then leap on your bones again
And fuck you dry with a smile
I don’t want to be accused of gingerism
Of being intellectually lazy
But all the redheads I’ve loved

Were passionate, mad and crazy