A weed covered rock under water
Where a man can stand at chest height
Is the most frightening thing I can think of
Especially in the dark void of night
There is something more horrible still
Than nameless dread set free
And that is the grinning cadaver
With the face no one can see
She leans over the crib at midnight
Savours the baby’s sweet smell
In a moment you won’t see what happened
And she’s taken the baby to hell
The old schoolhouse that stands in the moonlight
At the end of a long lane of trees
Is the place where she hides and she festers
With the face no one can see
I have told scary stories round campfires
That always made small children pee
But nothing frightening I imagine
Matches the face no one can see 
You will try to go to bed tonight
To rest your eyes and sleep
But the only thing you’ll meet in your dreams
Is the face no one can see