I grew up an as an artsy
Not a as a jock or a head
Theatre, arts, drama, painting
That’s where my interests led

When I entered the office world
Around 1985
There were three computers at work
And I stayed away from that jive

By 1990 I had my own PC
With an A drive, a B drive and floppies
I used it strictly for writing
It’s illogic drove me stroppy

In 1992 I saw my first Mac
A Plus with a mouse and all
I got one and instantly understood
What it was for after all

That’s because it worked like an Artsy
Pictures instead of prompts
The most intuitive GUI I’d ever seen
And all those beautiful fonts

All this was because one man
An artist, not a nerd
Decided that the power of computing
Belonged not to some, but to the world

He allowed right brain people
To take their place in the sun
To compete with the AV club guys
And not miss any of the fun

Ever since then, my desk has been littered
With Mac Airs, iPhones and iPads
I’ve never bought an android or PC
And trying to use one would drive me mad

So here’s to the immortal Steve Jobs
The man who freed the genius minds
Of the artists that live within us
And saved us from being left behind

Some say he was a new Edison
A Ford, Gutenberg or Bell
To me he was a latter-day Leonardo
An artist, designer and scientist as well