We boarded in Toronto
One cold December day
The VIA Rail Canadian
Would take us all the way

From here to Banff in the Rockies
Three days and two nights aboard
The last train to take the southern route
 In the best cabin we could afford

Our noses pressed to the window
We watched the city slip away
Saw suburbs become farm fields
As night swallowed day

By the time we passed North Bay
We were both ready for bed
We tossed a coin for the lower bunk
And into the north we sped

They say the clicking of the wheels
And the swaying of the car
Are a delightful way to go to sleep
And I can swear they are

Midnight in Wawa
Snow in the air
Dawn at Nipigon
Loading live trout there

The trout were for breakfast
And as we passed Thunder Bay
The train became fragrant with
The roast that would feed us all day

Midnight in Winnipeg
The train sheathed in ice
We walked the platform for air
Frozen spit hit the ground like dice

Dawn  came across the prairies
Lunch around Medicine Hat
Late afternoon saw Calgary
Just an hour more after that

We got off the train in Banff
In the snow and the sparkling cold
There were elk feeding on the tracks
I’d never seen ungulates so bold

Every Canadian should take The Canadian
Across this great country of ours
And see for themselves first hand
Its beauty, majesty and power