Bella, Molly, Boozer and Zeus,
Chloe, Mr Pishy Wibbles and Boo
Lizzy, Julia, and a dozen more
Animals that have been my family too

Heart’s Delight, Blossom, Claudette and George
Penny, Poppy, Millie and Bart
Suzy, Rufus, Lulu and Ruby
All of them own my heart

Companion animals are treacherous
They’re tiny time bombs of grief
You only have so much time with them
Your life together is so brief

The Rainbow Bridge is a comfort
But a heart-tearing scar as well
If you don’t believe in an afterlife
There won’t be a tale to tell

Cherish and love your non-human family
Treat them always as if they’re your own
The human who’s kind to animals
Will do well in the great unknown