We were cruising Northern Vermont
At the east end of Mississquoi Bay
Trying to find a way over to Isle La Motte
But we had lost our way

We thought we’d like to get a view
Of Lake Champlain from the North
The site of naval battles past
But it was getting to be more than it was worth

So we looked for a connection
To the main road back to the Interstate
Where we’d head back to Quebec
And then be on our way

Home to Toronto
An overnight stop at Kingston
Just to break the trip
And to get some drinks in

We turned right up a dirt road
Of no particular circumstance
It was headed north
And there was a good chance

It would lead us back to St Alban’s
And from there to the Interstate
But it wasn’t going anywhere
And the day was getting late

All of a sudden we saw a sign
It said 70 was the speed
“70 miles per hour on a dirt road?”
We couldn’t believe what we’d seen

Then it became clear
We were in Quebec
The speed was 70 kilometres an hour,
We crossed the border without a check

The road ended at a “T”
We turned left for St Jean
Soon we were on the Autoroute north
And we kept driving on