I have a new best friend, his name is Jimmy Dempsey.
I knew him 50 years ago, but then we lost touch.
He reappeared in my life with a worry for my safety
He saw a picture of me smoking and said that was too much

He said he didn’t want to lose me, one of his oldest friends
I was surprised as hell at that, because we didn’t get on back then
We moved in different circles, we followed different trends
He was a jock, I was an artsy. That made a difference way back when

Jimmy found out I was sick, I had a deadly disease
He saw me through every stage of it long distance from Vancouver
I thought his interest in me would eventually decrease
As he sat through all my bitching, watching me recover

But, no, Jimmy and I talk two or three times a day by FaceTime
It’s personal, him and me. We don’t talk long, just long enough
To know that each is OK. We keep each other in line
We discuss the daily grind, and sympathize if it was rough

Six weeks of talking face to face and I knew I had to see Jim
The problem is I don’t travel, and I’m pretty much a recluse.
To no one’s greater surprise than my own, I visited him.
Got on a plane, flew to Vancouver, an event so rare it was almost news.

I could have been disappointed. I could have been wrong.
We might have wondered what it was all about
Instead, I liked Jimmy better in the flesh. Our bond was instantly strong
He took to me immediately and we went and set out

On a week of good times and buzz, a visit to the Island, staying with his pals
People from Jimmy’s shady past with captivating stories to tell
We returned to Vancouver and stayed at his gracious home, with his lovely gals
And all his expensive toys. Turns out Jimmy is rich as hell.

I kept the visit short, my ways are unique. I’m a hard guest to like at the best of times
I smoke in your yard incessantly and leave a trail of ashes wherever I go
Jimmy’s partner, a fitness trainer, watched as I committed these crimes
But she was unflappable, she never gave me the heave ho

I flew back from Vancouver refreshed, with a new perspective on my life
Jimmy had shown me there was lots I hadn’t done yet and still could do.
Just as he said, my business picked up, I’m getting along better with my wife
I’ve got a clean bill of long term health and a list of places I could travel to

Nothing’s so rare as a new friend in middle age.
Especially when he loves you, and you love him too
My world has grown wider with Jimmy as my gauge.
I am a richer man for knowing him anew