I have a brother in Vancouver
He has a different mother
In fact, he has a different father too
So he ‘s not just another

Sibling, he’s my hero
He saw me through a bad patch
Was with me every step of the way
For his cheer there’s no match

I knew him fifty years ago
When he was a mean and ornery kid
He didn’t treat me well then
Disdain in everything he did

Something changed in him, though
Some tectonic shift
Jimmy’s not like that anymore
He seems to have crossed some rift

He has a new life now
Full of hope and trust
Which he shares with those like me
Who think it’s all gone bust

He’s like The Promises
He tells you things that come true
He’s my Higher Power
And his predictions always come through

My brother is precious to me
He’d do anything for me at all
And I’d do anything for him
Including take a fall

We think the same things
Share the same likes
We both know exactly
When someone’s had three strikes

So Jimmy, go with god
Do what you do best
Be a good friend and true
And I’ll know I’m blest