She had teeth so white
Perfectly straight and neat
Her skin was so soft
It felt like a satin sheet

She was partial to products
Biological alchemy for her face
They were all organic, made of flowers
And they filled a suitcase

She loved to travel widely
New York, Paris and London
She had favourite restaurants
In places I’ve never done

She had beautiful hands
Small, deft and neat
And except for one toenail
She had beautiful little feet

She loved her some handbags
Kate Spade, Coach, Longchamps
She insisted she needed all of them
She might get an outfit that matched one

She had little patience for picky eaters
But she wouldn’t touch pork, shellfish or beef
When we got out for dinner
I’d order veal in relief

She was a splendid girl
A real firecracker, always on
There were no flies on my girl
And I’m heartbroken she’s gone