Bits of her are disappearing
Was that how her smile looked?
How did her eyes exactly sparkle?
I think I’m getting spooked

It’s been two weeks since I saw her last
And every hour now brings less
Less to mind, less memory, less recall
It could be grief, it could be stress

She’s a pencil drawing being slowly erased
She’s a mist over a valley, blown clear
She’s a dream, barely remembered
She’s a thought, no more, not to reappear

I want to hold her forever
Have her always in my mind’s eye
I want her to be real to me always
But that’s not happening and I don’t know why

Did I never care, never really love?
Did I take her so for granted?
This isn’t how I want to remember
This is something I never wanted

I have a massive hard drive, unlimited bandwidth
But I’m missing some emotional software
I’m long on logic and short on empathy
And it makes it look like I don’t care

But I do, I’m howling inside
At the injustice, the randomicity
The vagaries of disease and death
That leave me alone in this ugly city

I don’t want to lose my memories so soon
I need to have her whole inside of me
But bits of her are disappearing
And I can’t stop her from fading away