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John Corbett began his career in market research in 1984 as a coder at Ruston/Tomany & Associates. He became a project director there, joined Gallup Canada in 1989, where he became a consultant, then senior consultant, then joined Research Dimensions in 1992 where he became Vice President. John left Research Dimensions in 2000 to form his own company, Corbett Communications.

As a consultant, John directed the Forum Poll from 2010 to 2017, then established and ran the Campaign Research Poll from January 2017 to October of that year. John has also worked with Mainstreet Research.


A public opinion pollster for more than 35 years, John keeps his finger on the pulse of the nation. Specific areas of expertise are politics, program evaluation, customer satisfaction, travel and tourism, cannabis, new products, unions and member associations. In addition to quantitative research expertise, John is an accomplished focus group moderator.

Corbett Communications profiles public opinion so that you can shape it. We answer questions you haven’t asked yet. We know more than we’re letting on.

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Front Page Polls

Shown here are some of John’s recent front page polls (or A1s). Many are “above the fold”.

Book Ends

The first cartoon shown here (January, 2012) is based on a Forum Poll John did, the first showing that the Liberals, with Justin Trudeau as leader, could defeat the Conservatives under Stephen Harper.

The second cartoon, from seven years later (February, 2019) is based on a Campaign Research Poll from a design John created, showing Trudeau’s approvals declining in the midst of the SNC Lavalin scandal.

Both cartoons are by Gary Clement, for The National Post.